5 Nerve-Wrecking Valentines Date

It is not always roses and chocolates.  Sometimes, it is better to spend Valentine’s Day alone.  Here are five (5) stories of individuals who will never forget that particular day for the rest of their lives and wished that they should have stayed at home alone instead.

  1.  I was having a relationship with a guy via phone only. We haven’t met yet in person and yes, while writing this down I feel totally desperate.  He had this deep voice and his pics in Facebook show that he is not bad looking at all.  I was desperate at that time to have a boyfriend so I was in the “kahit-na-sino-pwede-na” situation.  That’s how pathetic I was.  We decided to finally meet up in person on Valentine’s Day.  I was expecting that it will be a romantic date but when I saw him he had no flowers with him; not even chocolates.  He asked me where I want to go so I replied, “kahit saan”, thinking that he will surprise me.  He told me that he wanted to be alone with me so he asked me if I wanted to go to a motel.  I acceded.  But at the reception, he told me he had no money and told me to pay for the room instead.  In order to ditch the hot stare from the receptionist, I paid the bill while rolling my eyes in disgust.  Yes, I was stupid to pay it.  We were assigned at the second floor.  While following the room boy, this asshole kept on bragging that he was able to bring girls on each floor of that motel.  I just tried to play cool all along.  When we were already inside, he immediately undressed himself and started kissing me.  I told him to lie on the bed first and wait for me for a few minutes since I want to ask the receptionist for the receipt so I can have it reimbursed in our office.  He replied, “bilisan mo ha”.  He was too stupid to buy that one but nothing is more stupid than how I felt that time.  I left the room hurriedly and never returned again.  I immediately blocked him from my Facebook account and erased all traces of him.
  1. I and my boyfriend always avoid dating on Valentine’s Day. We both find it corny.  But then, one Valentine’s Day, we decided to break our rule and decided to give it a try.  We dined at Max’s Restaurant just outside the office.  All along I thought he had a budget for our dinner.  Although I bought extra money with me for emergency purposes, I have no intention of letting him know that since I was looking forward in buying something for myself.  He ordered expensive meals so I was really thinking he had money for our date.  After the meal, he asked the waiter for the bill.  It reached Php1,845.00.  So I grabbed my bag, stood up and told him, “O, bayaran mo na.  CR lang ako.”  He panicked and whispered to me, “Huh?!  Kala ko may dala kang pera!  Wala akong pera!  P600 lang ‘to!”  I felt angry at him but don’t want to tell him that I have a budget so I played a hard joke on him.  I told him, “Ano ka ba?  Wala akong pera!”  He was really sweating as he texted our officemate and his brother to rescue us.  I left him and went to the ladies room.  I took my time inside the ladies room.  When I returned after few agonizing minutes, I told him, “Sige na.  Ako na magbabayad.  Meron pa lang nakaipit sa bulsa ko.”  He did not talk to me for the next 3 days.
  1. I was always the romantic type. I remember way back in college, I had a really cute boyfriend.  We agreed to have a date on Valentine’s Day.  All the time, I was thinking of all romantic things he might do for me.  This time, I want him to feel special too (although deep inside I was really expecting he’ll do more for me).  I bought him a rose and a box of chocolate for a change.  When I saw him at our meeting place, I noticed that he was not carrying anything for me.  I thought, “Sige lang.  Baka surprise.” I handed him his rose and chocolate but he refused to carry them.  Ako daw muna ang maghawak.  We ate in a fast food and …that’s it.  He never even bothered to offer movies.  No flowers for me.  No chocolates.  No whatsoever.  I envy those girls holding flowers or balloons given by their dates or boyfriend.  Worst, he did not even bother to bring me home.  He refused to accept the gifts which I gave him.  I felt terrible that night and I wanted to cry.  Inside the jeepney on my way home, our neighbor saw me and teased me when he saw the rose and the chocolate without knowing that it was actually me who bought those for my boyfriend and that Mr. Asshole had the temerity to order me to bring them home instead.  To my outraged, I threw the rose and the chocolate outside the jeepney.
  1. I and my girlfriend planned to spend our Valentines in my pad where we will both cook a special dinner for two. That afternoon we went to the grocery to buy the ingredients.  We had a heated argument.  She was fuming mad.  As far as a recall, it was only a puny matter which started it.  I know that she really had a temper issue so I just shut my mouth up hoping that it will finally stop her from making a scene.  But the more I refused to respond to her cussing the more she cursed and shouted at the top of her lungs.  It was really embarrassing me and people are already staring at us.  At that time all I really wanted to do was get out of there.  I started to walk away from our cart to cool things off.  But I was not aware that she started looking for me.  At the farthest corner where she saw me she shouted, “Hoy! Putang ina mo!  Bumalik ka dito hayop ka!”  That was the last time I ever talked to her.
  1. I had a relationship before with a married man who has long been separated with his wife, albeit de facto. He could not secure an annulment case because his estranged wife threatened him.  Instead, he converted into Islam so he can marry me.  We decided to go on an out of town trip as our advance Valentine’s Day date.  When we returned to the metro, his estranged wife appeared right at my doorstep and made a scene.  She was cursing and threatening me that if ever I passed the board examination she will file an administrative case against me so I will lose my license.  All the humiliation and threat she made to me went to my senses and I lost my composure.  I threatened her back that if she will not leave me alone I am going to marry her husband under the Sharia Law so the financial support she gets from her husband will be divided since she has to share it with me.  From then on, I never heard from her.  I broke up with my then boyfriend and living a quiet life.

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