Whistles And A Bucket Of Shit

Their photos were scattered in broadsheets like tough agents mala-Criminal Minds. I don’t get it. Whoever directed them in the photo shoot gave a splendid portrayal of heroes willing to die and sacrifice their lives for the love of the country.


They are not heroes, mind you. They are criminals. They are part of the orchestrated scheme played by professional crooks. To their own kind, they were even considered as traitors. Have we forgotten the root of the story how the scandal emerged? The main character, who is now hailed as the savior, was supposed to by-pass the queen and transact with the pigs on his own. ON HIS OWN! They are no different from the greedy bastards the whole nation now condemns. They wanted the money so badly that they joined the club. No body coerced them in the first place. Just like the rest, they wanted easy money in just a snap of a finger. But now they equally share the fame as if they are sent to redeem the sinners from the bottomless pit.

Oh well, they are the lucky few who now enjoy the spotlight while the enemies of the Big Man (who mastered the art of vendetta) are being prosecuted hastily. Bravo.

No, they are not heroes. They are a bunch of shitheads collected in a single bucket and ready to be served in a nation who suffers from partial amnesia since time immemorial.


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