He Who Ate The Dust

An alarming call was received half past midnight. A woman was crying for help. She said she was in pain. She was attacked by her very own lover, she needs to be rescued. Later, she was found half conscious and was rushed to the hospital. It did not take too long and her partner was arrested.

Prior to the incident, a heated argument escalated and ran out of control. He was to blame, they say. Jealousy was the ulterior motive. He can’t bear the thought that his woman attracts some other men. He fear of losing her.

Soon thereafter, the male partner was charged for mauling the poor woman. He refused to enter any plea. He remained silent all throughout the proceeding. He did not even dare to defend himself. When the verdict of “guilty” was read, he held his head up high. Not a single sign of remorse was seen.

Few months thereafter, he was diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease. His only partner was the woman who accused him of physical injuries.


15 thoughts on “He Who Ate The Dust

  1. ahhhhhh…ikaw ba yang nasayaw? hheheheehe

  2. Nice twist at the end. Pati na yung sa video. Hehehe. Yung naka-yellow ba? 😉

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