The Man Who Sold The World

I fell into the empty hands

of the man who sold the world

twenty-seven pieces of cursed silver coins

left to be scorned in the garden of stone


I fell into the empty hands

of the man who planted me a kiss

betrayed and denied me til the very end

in exchange for selfish fame and whims


I fell into the empty hands

of the traitor among the twelve

hailed me, loved me, praised me

but denied and sold me nonetheless


I fell into the empty hands

of the man trusted with the purse

a single kiss is all it takes

to cast the prophesied curse


oh you, you, treacherous you

why deny me til the last of my blood?

you, oh you, murderous you

how long will the keeper be kept in the dark?


oh you, you, the unknown you

I have loved you more than I should

what are you gonna do? do it now quick

before you deny me again under that sycamore tree


Writer’s Note:  The composition above is not intended to be read literally.  For a better understanding, visit THE GRAIL.


13 thoughts on “The Man Who Sold The World

  1. i am back cirke…..thumbs up sa obra mo….

  2. what a nice poem, I fell in his hands too but I reached out for the hands of God and I do lift my hands whenever I fall again.

  3. Hello, musta po… Ala eh, nade-deny ka rin ba naman? Ganda ng komposisyon. 🙂 happy weekend, dear…

    • Hello sa’yo! Nope. Definitely not on my part. Maybe somebody…after making assumptions based on a one-sided perspective. Gandang umaga! Kape tayo 🙂

      • e, may traydor at talipandas sadya sa buhay. what to do, eh? kelan nga kaya kita matutuloy sa kapehan? pauwi ako, dear. may aayusin. hope you are well… 🙂

        at talagang may definitely not on my part, ahaha. antaray lang… 😉

      • Girl may email ako syo. Nag worry na ko syo.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • hello, Iska… girl, salamat sa email, nabasa ko pow. am okey, medyo kabisihan, hoho…hope we can catch up in the days to come. happy summer sa \yo… 🙂

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