So, we girls honestly believe that they are entirely different species from the Planet Goo-goo.  We simply cannot understand them.  They speak a different language.  And we truly hate them for they are the epitome of grossness.  They invented unspoken and unwritten rules that make boogers edible and you will never pass adolescence unless you eat Colgate during recess breaks.  But despite the odds, we adore them.  And whether we admit it or not, they became the favorite object of our curiosity and wonder how they play their game and if this game is just the same as ours.

What we are truly not aware of, men had laid down their version of Constitution where rules are properly set according to their own terms.  They call it the “Bro Code” or the rules that they need to know and follow in order to become one of the big boys.

Girls, don’t fret.

These hot bachelors in town are finally breaking and revealing the Rules to yours truly.  You may check the list below in your own liking and savage the little infos that might be playing in the mind of your boyfriends or target-of-interest.  This time, I’m not playing selfish.  Savage, girls, for I am willing to share for the first time.


1.      Never date a bro’s ex.

2.      The “Dibs” Rule.  When a bro declares that he likes a girl, the girl becomes off limits to the rest of the group.

3.      Men are visual, women are aural.  That’s why women wear make-up and men lie.

4.      Never date your bro’s younger sister.

5.      Never go to a bar without a wing man (ex. the wing man is the one who approaches the girl whom a bro is interested then the wing man introduces the girl to the bro).

6.      It is not about the age.  It is about love.

7.      Bros hate Indian givers (ex in particular) or those who would take back things which they have already given to their boyfriends after a heated argument.  And for that same reason, bros must not be Indian givers as well.

8.      Bros hate naggers.  When their girlfriends start nagging, they also start feeling that they are sleeping with their moms.

9.      A bro’s pride is as expensive as a woman’s virginity.

10.    When you arrive unexpectedly and there is a drinking spree going on which you are apparently not invited, be polite to take a shot when offered but that should also be the last.  Respect the fact that you are not part of the group.  Show some courtesy.

11.    When your bro’s girlfriend starts asking about your friend’s whereabouts, never divulge anything.

12.    Always sell a bro in front of his target girl.  Don’t make him look bad.

13.    Never divulge the sacred Bro Code to a girl unless she proves her worth.

14.    Never give a detail when describing a sexual encounter.

15.    Don’t call a bro by his last name.

16.    Bros over hoes.

17.    Bros don’t tickle a bro.

18.    A bro’s car is off-limits to pranks.

19.    Never make an eye contact to a bro when eating a banana.

20.    Observe “bro confidentiality”.  ALWAYS.

21.    Pay for your dates.

22.    Don’t ruin a bro’s chance of scoring.

23.    Never date a bro’s mom.

24.    Bros don’t cry.

25.    Never share dessert.

26.    Always tell a bro if his girl is cheating on him.

27.    Bros don’t use straw in their drinks.

28.    There is no hard and fast rule that prohibits a girl from being a “bro”.

Now the question is: do these boys consider me as a “bro” by revealing their code to me?  I guess they see me harmless.

Wrong move.

Image Image  Image

Image   Image Image

Image   Image

Writer’s Note:    The male respondents are Filipinos.  This explains why some of the answers given were distinct from that of the other versions.  Rather, they are patterned after our customs and traditions.

photo credit: (for the breaking glass)


15 thoughts on “BREAKING THE ‘BRO CODE’

  1. its me cirke! tlgng nag usisa ka sa para mlmn tlaga dhil dyn gingawaran nkta ng Ph.d sa pannliksi ng usapin nyan…..

  2. Reblogged this on hub of musings and commented:
    My friend got serious about this topic I suggested to her.
    Thanks for the awesome research, LovelyBiatch!

  3. Obeserve bros confidentiality 👍….

  4. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for providing this info.

  5. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?

  6. hellowie, biatch… gusto ko ‘yong nasa beach na may tattoo, parang maganda ang ngiti. btw, are they for sale or on promo? whehe… 😉

    • Ay his name is Migs hahaha. Friends ko sila. Yung iba madamot ayaw mag share ng photo.

      Ay uli! Sorry…selfish ako. Hahaha.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • whoa, it’s Migs. hihi, ipanimigay agad, e, no? ba’t mo sila inilalako, hahaha..

        shellfishness ba kamo? take a look at this one, hehe…

        Selfie Freak –

        natuwa lang ako. he’s a published writer, btw. a dozen books or so… read also about The Squid Whisperer, if you’ve more time. he’s half-crazed, hoho. 🙂 waving…

      • Hahaha! As sources ko para at least di masabi na imbento ko mga sagot. Naku wag ka e yung iba sila namili Ng photo. Yung iba pa nagreklamo kasi di daw best shot kinuha ko hahaha. Baliw lang di ba (convincing words: “hot bachelors”). HOHOHO

        Ay sige nga. Kilala mo siya? Susugin ko nga blog site nya. Hey! How are you?! Teka, wala pa akong email. Ano bang kwento gusto mo ikwento ko?

        Sent from my iPhone

      • hahaha, baka gusto nila, “hot papa pose” ilagay mo. makes sense, magbebenta ka na rin nga lang naman 😉

        yes, he’s 60 plus na ta’s nag-selfie series, kundi ba naman baliw, errr, aliw… 😉

        oks naman. no pressure, dear. marami ring kelangang gawin and intindihin. kahit bandang thurs na kwento mo. para kiligin ako pag nabasa na, hihi. biro lang. 🙂

        btw, parang rules sa tribu ng Homo Sapiens ang isinhare sa ‘yo, nakowww. highly classified info yaan, papalibre sila sa ‘yo sa Vikings next month, tomo… hahaha. keep well, bru 🙂

  7. Parang ma “no homo” sa ibang statements, manager…

    • hehehehehe…ano daw?
      anong “no homo” talent?

      • Kapag ang mga lalake ay may gagawin na di natural na ginagawa kasama ang kapwa lalaki, kailangang i-declare nya ang “no homo” or else… Ahahay!

      • huusssh! talent! i so hate you! usapan natin wag kang lalantad! i’m building you up as macho gwapito here in the Philippines with all the muscles [pronounced as: mus-kels] and everything…:D

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