EAT MY CAKE! (The Friends With Benefits Relationship)

I am forced to do a reblog on this article in preparation for the new one I am working with since they are intertwined and somewhat related. For the mean time, enjoy the cake!



You stared at your window one lonely rainy night and wonder what you did to deserve being alone when the rest of the population enjoys life to the fullest.  The entire room was dark and brutally quiet except for the notorious tapping of the rain at the window pane.

It could have been better but his rubbish all time favorite it’s-not-you-but-it’s-me excuse said it all coupled with other comforting words he could muster in order to avoid busting your chops.  And all his kind and comforting words boil down to one evident truth: he is finally dumping you and will never come back again. The once promising future instantly slips away from your grasp in just one night.  Thanks to loyalty; thanks to fidelity; thanks to love and thanks to commitment he is now gone and you’re on your own.

And your brief struggle to keep yourself as composed as possible finally gave…

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