The Blue Balloon

Down the hill the child ran wildly with the blue balloon in his hand.  Screams of joy collide with the childish games they play together.  They hopped and ran in circles, rolled on the grass with that distinctive giggle.  They created a special imaginary bond with a pact to remember.

“May we always be…,” the child hummed in a barely audible rhyme.

But the scorching heat of the angry sun lashes the thin skin of the blue balloon.  It swayed from the child’s grip like a mad man in an effort to relieve itself from the excruciating shaft of pain.  In just a matter of minutes it will burst and die.

So the wind came and blew the blue balloon in its vain attempt to save it from suffering.

“Fly.  Fly…!” the wind beckoned.

But the child’s grip tightened, afraid to let the blue balloon go.


But the wind knew better what’s best and out of the deadly silence, it whispered to the child’s ear, “Let it go.”

The child fought in great despair but the wind was twice as persistent.  With all its might, the wind blew and blew until the child lost his grip and the blue balloon managed a quick escape.

“NOOO…!  Please, no…!” the child wailed as he ran in an attempt to still catch the blue balloon.

But it’s too late.  It flew fast in an unpredictable speed, leaving him behind.  And so, there goes the blue balloon.  Free at last.

The child just stood there down the hill in silence as the blue balloon bid its last farewell.  Up and up it went.

The child, motionless and pale, watched the blue balloon fly peacefully in heaven.  A tear fell but he understood that the blue balloon is now in a better place where it truly belongs.

Farewell.  Farewell.  Fly and kiss the moon for me.  I’ll see you in due time and leave this world behind.

Thank you for protecting me.  But it’s a shame that in your final battle I could not do anything to protect you but to stand there and watch you whither.  Fly my dear.  Fly.  And wait for the pink balloon’s turn to reach heaven.



6 thoughts on “The Blue Balloon

  1. hello, biatch… “there it goes, up in the sky… there it goes, beyond the clouds…” naiiyak na ako, ka-sad, a? hihihi. 😉

    ganda ng ‘yong composition, kapatid. ba’t kaysakit ng kapalit ng understanding, bakit? ahaha. 😉

  2. Ang lungkot nito. Whew! Hinga ng malalim. ;(

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