He had lunch with his sleek client.  It was a light conversation indeed with gentle laughs over silly jokes which until now he could not find the rumor with.  But for the sake of satisfying his client who paid for the food, yes, he laughed with the dullest joke he’d ever heard.

He took a bite at his chicken sandwich and asked out of thin air.  “So, did you do it?”

He munched and felt the mustard on his tongue and enjoyed the cracking of the crunchy croissant.  The roast chicken was so tasty that he almost forgot where he was.

But wait a minute, did his client answer his question?  Hell, he missed that part.

Instead he saw his client removed his stare and looked somewhere else with a surreptitious grin escaping from his lips.  Then the client looked back at him again and made another stupid joke.  Of course, the lawyer laughed.  He was obliged until the roast chicken sandwich was done.

But in between their conversation, the lawyer asked again.  “Did you touch her?  The girl?  I mean, um, d-did y-you?”

And the client’s broad grin stopped and he looked straight into the lawyer’s eyes.  His eyes narrowed as unspeakable words travelled fast from his evil grin to the latter’s terrified eyes.  The lawyer stopped chewing his food and almost choked as he tried damn hard to swallow what remained in his mouth.  He felt the shiver down to his spine and became immobilized in an instant.  The client did not answer the lawyer’s question just the same.  But his grin…and, oh, his stare…cold and distant…the lawyer was left completely puzzled.  It was like a confession to him.  Is he actually seeing it?  Was it real?

The lawyer slowly put his sandwich down and gulped the remaining juice in his glass.  The conversation continued but his questions were left unanswered.  The chatting became incessant but his mind was not following.

This is no game at all.  And for the first time, he looked into the eyes of a criminal.  No, this is no game at all.

He’s dead.

Note: No privilege communication was broken.  This is purely a work of fiction.


3 thoughts on “Criminal

  1. wow totoo bto or what anyway kung sino man sya sarap nyang pabugbog sa tomboy..

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