Dark Justice


The clock struck 9 in the evening.  Stores closing down, lights being turned off.  Only one store remained well lighted as the stout security guard, armed with an empty pistol, was glued heavily to his seat.

He was watching him.

But an old lady fond of that guard brought him dinner; homemade spaghetti and a slice of birthday cake.  His eyes glowed in excitement and uttered his profuse thanks to the old lady.  And the moment she left, he dived on the meal like a hungry savage.

The stout guard’s last meal.

And he was watching him.

There, hidden in the dark and damp alley he patiently waited as he lighted his third cigarette.

And he was watching him.

Finally, the guard’s last bite on his cake.  But as a sign of a satisfying free meal, the guard instead cussed into thin air.  A boy riding on a bicycle passed by but he spit, cursed and scared the lad with his useless pistol.  The boy dashed off, leaving the stout man shouting, “Nobody messes with me!”

And the guard slumped to his chair, dozed off to sleep and snored like shit.

But he was watching him.

He puffed the last smoke, dropped the cigarette buff, and stomped it flat on the ground.  He brought out his silencer and attached it to the barrel of his pistol.  It was time.

Slowly he emerged from the dark.  The unnoticed footsteps strode on the ground, leaving a warning for a dreaded treachery. Finally, he stopped right in front of the snoring stout guard.

And without any word, he pointed his gun to the pig’s open stinking mouth and fired the single bullet.


don’t be fooled By what you seE.  words are spears, dangerous as charcoals of hell.  hidden meanings thrust deep Withing the lines will strike you down when you Are least expecting it.  fool, when Retaliation comes, dark justicE will haunt you down.  FOOL.


14 thoughts on “Dark Justice

  1. hmmm, be aware or better yet, beware. hmmm.

  2. nadecipher ko paniera ang hidden meaning.

  3. teka! sinong nang agrabyado sayo, at pabubugbog natin

    • Hello Doc! Salamat sa pagbisita muli. Isa ka ngang psychologist at nahuli mo ang tagong mensahe. Pero wala hong nag-agrabyado sa akin sa totoong buhay. Ang kwentong iyan ay bahagi ng librong ilalabas ko pa lamang. Abangan po ninyo ha pagnilabas na 😀

  4. ang pagsusulat tlaga isang obra tlaga hindi isang pagkukunwari

  5. Neatly Written po. Ang galing ng composition tsaka ng flow 🙂

  6. ms.b napansin ko wala nyung vdeo mo ng sayaw n nka hanging blowsi ka un panaman agahan ko ksbay ang kape

  7. alam mo un sayaw mo dun nakakabuhay ng patay na katwang lupa ng viewer

  8. haha dkya narramdamnn ko ikaw ung sexy

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