Crossing the Boundary

While the riotous ceremony is being prepared to close the year and welcome the new one, each utter in remarkable silence for a better year to come, a kinder one this time, and more success and lesser misery.  I doubt if anybody even realized that they were actually in the same spot as last year, praying in fervent hope the very same prayer they were uttering at the moment.  Nothing changes by just wishing and hoping that it would be a better year coupled with a handful of luck to go along the way.

Perhaps there is no truth to magic and lucky charms.  But I do believe in determination and strong-will.  It makes the impossible possible and the hopeless case into an intriguing challenge that somehow I could maneuver the outcome before it’s too late.  Perhaps there is no truth too in good karma.  But I am more inclined to believe that a good and cheerful heart makes every burden easy to carry.  While some chose to convince themselves that there is no God and no second life, I find solace in believing that there is indeed one and that gave me that thing called “hope”.

A hopeless life is synonymous with being miserable.  And the reason why we stumble with misery is because we tend to forget to say “thank You” to Him who designed everything for a purpose.  “Thank You”, because your life now is better than yesterday; “thank You”, because you have become a better person, albeit unnoticed; “thank You”, because there is a spark of hope and opportunity waiting in every doorstep.  It only takes a second to realize it or a lifetime of regret once we take the beauty of it for granted.

I don’t have a new years resolution to compare with because I often find it a part of this materialistic world’s bruhaha.  But if I have one, it’s not a resolution actually.  I don’t even know what you call it.  On it is written one thing:


How about you?  What does your list say?


4 thoughts on “Crossing the Boundary

  1. Cheers to that! Happy New Year!

  2. dahil dyan ako rin ang magpapapsalamat, Thank you very much. smile…

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