Life has its ups and downs.  But I’m in no position to complain.  Anyway everybody has their own fair share of sorrow and happiness and once in awhile, we do stumble and fall.  But not everybody is privileged to see the beauty behind sorrow and the little miracles that come along with it.  Often times, we are too busy complaining that we never get to notice the “little miracles” that passed our way.  Perhaps it’s about time that we realize that there are times that we need to slow down a bit and just enjoy every single second of life.  After all, the best things in life are free.  We just have to stop and realize it before they’re gone.

And since the best comes in free packages, here are some of the few things that make me feel somewhat happy despite life’s struggles:

1.            Walking in the rain.

For those who are scared to cry, and too tough to handle life’s pain, here’s the good news: you can stop the hypocrisy because heaven is giving you the opportunity to pour out all the frustration and cry your heart out without being obvious.  Cry along with the rain.  Sometimes it helps.  It will make you feel better when the rain finally stops and you will be wishing for more.

2.            A good glimpse of the skyscrapers at night.

When I was young and ardent, I told myself that after college I will be wearing sophisticated dress with matching designer coats and I will be strolling down the street in stilettos just like any busy corporate slaves do in the busy downtown.  Well, it didn’t happen.  But the skyscrapers remind me that the dream is not yet over.  As long as they still stood prime and tall, the moon will keep on reminding me that my dream is just waiting for me to make it happen.  And yes, I’m coming to get them.  Soon you will find me in one of those skyscrapers owning my own floor with a secretary running at my beck and call.

3.            Sipping coffee while listening to a musician play his piece.

After a tiring and stressful day, my soul needs a break.  A soulful music over a cup of my favorite coffee is all that it takes to release the day’s stress and make me start fresh the following morning.

4.            Christmas time.

Oh, yes.  It is the season of giving.  And even if I have nothing in my pocket, I find time to give.  It makes me feel blessed in one way or another.  As early as September, I start my shopping, from little groceries to whatever little cute gifts I can find.  And nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing the joy in the eyes of a stranger who never expects that his Christmas will be sumptuous compared to the previous year.

5.            Dancing to the tune of “Could You Be The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”

So what if I fail?  At least, I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.  So what if I didn’t make it?  At least when I get home someone will remind me that I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.  Well, you really can’t have it all in this world, but at least, I’m the most beautiful girl in this world.

6.            Listening to Maskulado’s “Nakaka” (really women, you should listen to this song!)

When I’m feeling blue and feeling ugly, when years pass by and I’m starting to feel scared getting old, I am being reminded that I’m still sexy and hot.  And who wouldn’t?  Listen to this, girls:

‘Di mo alam         (You don’t know)

Miss, kami’y nababaliw sa ‘yo     (Miss, you drive us crazy)

Kami’y nanggigigil lahat sa ‘yong labi        (We all long for your lips)             

Sa hita mo na kay puti                    (Your legs are hot)

‘Di na alam                          (We don’t know)

Kung ano ang aming gagawin      (What to do)

Kapag nakikita mukha mong kay ganda  (Every time we see your pretty face)

Sumasaya ang tanawin                  (Everything becomes joyful)


Pardon for the poor translation.  But that’s the best I can get.  I’m forced to, since I realized there are numerous readers coming from different countries who are browsing my blogs (my deepest gratitude).


7.            Read a good book in a hotel lobby while, of course, sipping coffee.

When your down and frustrated, the best thing to do is lift and boost your morale.  Go somewhere fancy and you will soon adapt the atmosphere of the crowd.  It makes me feel better.  It changes the way I perceive life.  It makes me realize I’m not a loser somehow.  A hundred bucks in your pocket will be enough for at least three to five hours of stay in a comfy wing chair with a good book to accompany you.


8.            Go to Japan 88 or Daiso and scout for cheap but chic kitchen accessories.

Japan 88 and Daiso are both Japanese stores selling wares, accessories and goods for as low as P88.  I can spend at least 2 hours browsing everything they’re selling without realizing that, hey, I survived two hours of a what-supposed-to-be-an-agony time.


9.            Turning around in my full skirt in front of a mirror

 It pays to be playful once in a while.  The smiles I had when I was a little girl keeps on coming back every time I hold the tip of my full skirt then making a double turn and watch my skirt fly freely.  It feels great to feel the air on your thighs and the pounding of your heart after you made that double turn.


10.          Praying and thanking God for giving me a beautiful life.

I told you.  I’m not complaining.  Life is beautiful after all. 


Sorrow or loneliness or whatever pathetic word that comes to your head when you’re feeling down is the usual repercussion we get when things don’t happen the way we planned them to be.  But behind each sorrow, we must understand that God is whispering something to us.  We just have to stop and listen.  Maybe He’s saying that there’s a little gift of miracle in our doorstep.  But the problem is, we are too busy crying and wailing and complaining and soon after we have realized about that miracle, it’s all gone because somebody pick it up already.

Life goes on.  Anyway, whatever happens in the past can never be returned back.  There’s no harm in stopping once in awhile for a recharge so you can prepare yourself for another battle.  And of course, that includes crying as part of the recharge.  And as for me, well, I’ll do it in the rain. 



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  1. No. 9 is not applicable to me 😀

  2. Listening to Maskulado’s “Nakaka” (really women, you should listen to this song!)..award sa kin to teh 😉

  3. nakaka-aliw ang iyong paskil. mabuhay sa iyo.

  4. A blog just at the right time. 🙂

    Thanks for this…somehow it helped 🙂

  5. Ang ganda! Gusto ko din umiyak sa ulan 🙂

  6. akala ko ang gamot ay iniinom lang pwede din palang basahin at maibsan ang kalungkutan kung atin itong babasahin

  7. wala nito sa botika nasa blog lang pla ni dra. bitch

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