The Cheaters Club


It was as old as civilization and more infamous than Babel.  Its popularity never subsides that it was even included in the ten forbidden sins.  A little piece of us struggles to shake this little sin that can destroy even the sturdiest home and harm the most innocent.

Though old as it is, the public never grow tired of listening to tales of deception and different versions of adultery.  It keeps conversations alive yet the adulterer was the most favored to be damned.  It excites us!  But we easily condemn the wrongdoer.

Yes, that thing called cheating can poison the untarnished name of a man even after his death.  And even naiveté can be a hapless victim once lust steps in. And if you will not be cautious, you will be the next victim as your better half joins the notorious “Cheaters Club”.

Men of all walks of life share their secret insights on why they are tempted to cheat on their partners.  Here are what they have to say:


Among the answers given by men on why they cheat on their partners is revenge. Amazingly, vengeance falls as the least among the favorites.

Devastated men who caught their women cheating behind their backs have bigger possibility of getting even.  That is, by looking for their own boy toy just for the heck of getting back.  You can blame it on the notion that cheating committed by a woman remains condemnable in society unlike when it was done the other way around.


You’re too gorgeous for him.  You’re too hot to handle.  You’re too smart.  And you’re way too successful than what he is right now.

Flattering as these may sound but these likewise pose danger to his fidelity.

And being the man in the relationship, they feel that they are supposed to be in the lead and more superior than the female.  So she’s prettier, but he can prove that he can hook another.  She’s smarter, but he can prove that he can get even in one way or another.  She’s really hot but he can prove that she’s just a trophy.  She’s more successful, she’s more popular, and she’s earning more!  The line never ends.  Men can invent thousands of reasons but everything boils down to the fact that it was his ego that is eating him.  And in order to preserve his machismo, he goes out hunting.

So for a smart and mentally hot woman like you, try to hide your brain sometimes. Let him lead.  Anyway, there’s no harm in trying.


In this category falls the following: nagging wife, fatty wife, saggy breasts, sexless marriage, over-jealous wife, absent wife, and a whole lot more!  Use your imagination baby and you’ll come down with the basic.

Don’t be too assured with sweet and comfy things that he loves you anyway and will never leave you for another woman.  Stop dreaming!  He still belongs to the male specie where physical always comes first.

But surprisingly, unappreciated husbands likewise fall under this category.  There are times that a woman needs to open her eyes and stop pointing her finger to her man to remind him what a crap he is.  She is not aware that she might actually be disappointing him too in one way or another.

Furthermore, a man needs his woman to be simply there for him.  It is kind of frustrating though that at times when he needs the simple pleasure of comfort, his woman is unavailable or simply put, too insensitive to her man’s needs.  She can’t cook, she doesn’t mingle, the house is in a total mess, she’s often out with her girlfriends, she’s too busy, and the next thing you’ll know he’s already preying on the neighbor’s daughter.


He works hard for the money to bring to his family.  And in this modern set-up, most wives are likewise engaged in a profession that demands long working hours.  It is not also unusual for the husbands to leave the abode in search for a greener pasture for the sake of his family.  The growing concern of the many is that fewer hours are spent with the family nowadays.  And in certain cases, only during occasions do spouses come home.  Thanks to video calls, internet, and cellphones the family is just one click away.

The common reason is work.  It’s all about that damn work and we linger on the excuse that we need to earn for our growing respective families.  Most often than not, it goes unnoticed that along with success comes the consequential damage that money tears the family apart.

And since working spouses spend most of their time in the office, illicit affairs do happen in the workplace with the special participation of -(drum roll) duh dum!… the officemate, client, boss or secretary!


Yes, just for the love of it.  Sex will always be the best reason why men cheat on their partners.  Be it sexless marriage or plain seduction by a younger and sexier other woman, either way it will always be sex.  And while women demand love in a relationship, men always lavish for sex.  And we can blame it on hormone testosterone which, by the way, men have ten times more than women.

All these are few reasons why a man tends to cheat behind his partner’s back. Surprisingly, when these men were asked whether they still intend to stick to their original partners after cheating on them, majority answered in the affirmative and that they have no plans at all of leaving them unless of course their partners want to shoo them away after the fateful discovery.

Unbelievably, these men say that love still remains despite the cheating.

10 thoughts on “The Cheaters Club

  1. “A little piece of us struggles to shake this little sin that can destroy even the sturdiest home and harm the most innocent.”

    true, so true 🙂

  2. This one is so true. Specially the FRUSTRATION part.

  3. My wife should read this! LOL!

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