Lethal (The Prequel)

Call her a social climber, an egoistic bitch, and a hard-core brute who will do anything within her prowess to win the game. A bastard, that’s what they call her. She was young and ambitious yet despite the biatch within her she believed that her profession as a lawyer should be used to bring justice to those who so much deserve it. And her aggressiveness in her quest for the truth, coupled with skill and knowledge, became her living tools to defend the oppress.


Twenty-eight year old Magda is now confronted with two controversial cases that almost lead to her eventual banishment and downfall in the legal profession. The murder case of a nine year old girl who was killed when she was ran over by the speeding car of her step-mother was entrusted to Magda. But when her witnesses started to disappear and later on found dead and brutally tortured, she reached the verge of doubting if justice will ever be served in a monstrous society being dictated by money, greed and power.


A presidential bet surprisingly hired young amateur lawyer Magda to bring a suit against a notorious columnist. At the end of the day, she found herself being used in a systematic ploy devised by none other than her client -the next President of the Republic. But by the time she realized how badly her name was put at stake, it was already too late.


How far now will you go in search for justice when the blasphemy inside the system is too lethal to be cured? How will you fight against injustice if the game being run inside has been played ever since prostitution was invented? And amidst the legal maneuverings and strategies, ‘money talk’ is the best and most effective dialogue.

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6 thoughts on “Lethal (The Prequel)

  1. Biatch, paano ba bumili nito sa e-book?

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